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     Great East Japan Earthquake
Report on Support
 Japan Refashion association
Higashimukoujima 1-22-2,
Sumida ward,
Tokyo 131-0032

Report on Support for the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Our policy on the support for the disaster victims
Japan Refashion Association is planning to provide support for disaster victims recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake.
For now, we are working on connecting supporters to the disaster victims so aid can be delivered where it’s needed. We are going to focus on (1)support for isolated disaster areas (2)mental care (3)creating sustainable employment.
If you agree with what we’re doing, please join us.
Our achievements
2011.3.15 Started collecting relief aid and delivering it to the disaster area.
Collected relief aid - 18,591 boxes
Number of volunteer staff - a total of 1,038 people as of the end of Oct 2011
2011.4.16 Started charity sale
2011.7.17 Held an “Open Closet!” event for women to support other women in the disaster area.
2011.10.1 Started supporting disaster victims in Tokyo
2011.10 Started creating businesses in disaster area to help the local economy
2011.10 Started holding earthquake disaster volunteer exchange meetings
2011.12.2 Held a symposium for the support of the disaster area
2012.3.24〜3.25 Started delivering an event for disaster victims in Tohoku area, “Work shop Mihon ichi Engawa with Sawing Café” to provide a lot of fun and recreation.
2012.4.28〜4.29 Joined a festival in Chigasaki and Shonan as a vendor and opened up a booth, “Refashion de Tohoku Ouen” for reconstruction assistance of Tohoku region.
2013.1.26 Hosted an exchange meeting, “Tohoku Ouendan Kouryuukai”.
2013.1.26〜1.27 Carried out a project, “3.11 Formal attire delivery project for the second death anniversary”.
2013.2.23〜2.24 Gave a workshop in Iwaki city.

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