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     Great East Japan Earthquake
Report on Support
 Japan Refashion association
Higashimukoujima 1-22-2,
Sumida ward,
Tokyo 131-0032

Support for the Great East Japan Earthquake
* Colleting donations
Japan Refashion Association is working on collecting relief aid (mainly clothing) and distributing them to the disaster victims.
* Holding charity events
* Participating in volunteer activity
In order to contribute to the reconstruction, we are going to deal with
* Job assistance
* Industrial support
Can you help us to carry out these projects?
Where your donation goes
* Logistics costs
* Packaging costs
* Obtaining relief aid
* Charity sale costs
Bank account for donation
Seibu Shinyou Kinko, Nakano Kitaguchi Shiten 004, Saving account 1146477
Japan Refashion association
Donate online★
※We accept cash vouchers (gift tickets, beer coupons, book coupons, stamps) from within Japan.
Send them to: Japan Refashion Association Head Office, Higashimukoujima 1-22-2, Sumida ward, Tokyo 131-0032
Inquiries: Please contact us at info@refashion.jp

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